Trade with the guarantees of origin aims to build

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Unformatted text preview: s prices down and does not lead to investments in renewable energy production. It is quite a challenge to explain to consumers that they have to pay more for renewable energy, when the money does not go to the production of new plants. When the export of guarantees of origin increases, the Norwegian CO2 imprint is also increasing, if the Norwegians do not buy the guarantees of origin energy themselves. When a foreign company buys a guarantee of origin from a Norwegian energy producer, the CO2 imprint increases for the Norwegian companies, which do not have guarantees of origin energy contracts, but the foreign companies reduce their CO2 imprint at the same time. Trade with the guarantees of origin aims to build renewable energy production, such as wind and sun power. However, this goal has not yet been achieved. Hydropower plants are today facing many challenges. Many people even question their very value. The visual aspect of nature is a reversible situation, compared to climate change and the extermination of species. The preservation of natural variety, especially birds, has to be taken more into consideration. The goal is to produce 3 TWh by 2010. This could lead to major natural...
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