With the opening of the liquefaction and export plant

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Unformatted text preview: uld pull out of the Stockman Development Co. before a final development decision is made in late 2009, according to the Scandinavian Oil and Gas Magazine.28 The reason is that the criteria for hiring contractors — Russian or foreign — remain unsettled. About 100 sub-contractors in Murmansk and Archangelsk Oblast have been identified, while roughly 350 companies in northern Norway are considered possible Stockman contractors. With the opening of the liquefaction and export plant at Melkøya in Northern Norway in 2007, Norwegian gas now reaches markets outside Europe for the first time. Snøhvit, the first offshore field in the Barents Sea, in the Hammerfest Basin, located at a depth of 340 metres and developed by StatoilHydro, is Europe’s first LNG29 export facility, and has an annual capacity of 5.7 billion cubic metres. It contains condensate and an underlying oil zone. The production facility consists of 19 production wells and a CO2 injection well. There are 160 billion cubic metres of recoverable g...
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