Norway should establish a government agency to the oil

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Unformatted text preview: re is a real danger that Brazil could replace the North Sea as the “advanced laboratory for technology.” Institutions for Collaboration (IFCs) IFCs play an important role in the Norwegian oil and gas supplier cluster. There are active IFCs at the regional (NCE Subsea, Norwegian Offshore Drilling and Engineering [NODE]), national (Konkraft, Arena, Oil Industry Association [OLF], INSTOK, Norwegian Petroleum Society [NPF], OG21, and the Navitas Network) and European level (European Cluster Alliance). In the Southern part of Norway, the NODE IFC has increased the number of engineers employed and rate of innovation for affiliated supplier firms (Sasson, 2011). The dynamic activity of the IFCs demonstrates the maturity of the cluster. The oil & gas cluster in Norway 26 5. Recommendations The key challenges and recommendations are provided in order of priority. Country Level Recommendations Challenge no. 1: Transformation of the Economy in the Post ­oil Era Norway’s vision for its competitive position globally is a knowledge ­based, innovation ­ driven economy, developed from existing strengths. But it has significant work to do to realize this vision, as productivity is declining in relation to peers and the current cluster portfolio has low diversification, with a few successful, natural resource ­based clusters. Recommendations: Formulate and launch a tactical post ­oil Road Map that implements the vision and meets the challenges of high labor costs and declining production and revenues from the oil and gas sector. At the center of this road map must be a comprehensive cluster policy, which better links education, training, R&D, regulation, industrial policies, taxation, market and demand sophistication, physical infrastructure, capital markets, and already existing companies. Drawing on its long history of wisely developing its rich natural resources, Norway should further build its strategic...
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