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Unformatted text preview: at regional and country levels; Antonio Ribeiro Assurance Engagement Manager Lead H&S Verifier Sven Starckx Lead GHG Verifier > Continue the development and implementa­ tion of enduring Key Performance Indicators and targets, to ensure comparability and fa­ cilitate the assessment of performance as the composition of Titan Group, production lev­ els, product mix and the characteristics of its products change over time; Nili Safavi Lead CSR Verifier > Develop a more structured approach to mea­ suring and reporting performance on biodi­ versity, water use, socio­economic impact, and sustainability performance of products; Det Norske Veritas, London, 4 May 2010 > Consider developing a more structured ap­ proach to reporting on the CSR and sustain­ ability performance of new development projects; > Investigate the level of interest in the CSR and Sustainability Report of various stake­ holder groups in the countries where Titan operates. This should also consider the role of DESTI...
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