ongoing communication of perfor mance achieved and

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Unformatted text preview: 07 2008 > Clear and rigorous safety standards, regulations and requirements included in the contract signed between TITAN and contractors. > Continuous monitoring and assessment by a multi­disciplinary management team comprised of TITAN Group and lo­ cal experts. The turnkey contractor was the French company Fives FCB in cooperation with a number of local subcontractors. More than 1,000 people were working on a daily basis for the bigger part of the construc­ tion time. > Delegation of a third party safety con­ sultant to support the project in the field by: Training, Auditing the Safety Man­ agement System, developing a Permit to Work System and conducting monthly field tours. > On­going communication of perfor­ mance achieved and sharing of lessons learnt from any incident or near miss. To achieve this goal, as main factors con­ tributed are considered the following: 5 4 The construction of a second production line started in TITAN’s cement plant lo­ cated close to the city of Beni...
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