29 30 thermal energy our efforts to increase the use

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Unformatted text preview: eplenish the water table. Research is focused on the possible properties of the material to withhold harmful substances (e.g. petroleum by­products) in its mass, while allowing clearer water to pass through and its potential for in­ creased durability and life cycle. The outcomes of these projects will allow both an extension of the range of applications to in­ dustrial sites and further improvements in re­ spect to TITAN’s environmental footprint. Evaluating energy performance and reducing consumption requires good information on how, when, and where energy is being used. Collecting and tracking this information is necessary for establishing baselines and managing energy use. Understanding current and past energy use is how TITAN Roanoke Cement, US identifies opportunities to improve energy performance and gain financial benefits. In 2009 TITAN Roanoke Cement installed a real time energy monitoring system using a network of digital meters to monitor and track energy consumption and energy intensity for each process area of the plant. All metering data is available in a central database for plant management to review, plant energy team analyses energy trends during operation and shut downs to determine where and how...
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