3 active quarries within containing or adjacent to

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Unformatted text preview: w materials consumption, metric tons Total alternative raw materials consumption, metric tons Alternative fuel substitution for conventional fuels, % Biomass in kiln fuel, % Alternative materials (clinker & cement), % Clinker to cement ratio Emissions monitoring and reporting Total dust particulates, metric tons Dust particulates, g per ton of clinker Total NOx, metric tons NOx, g/ton of clinker Total SOx, metric tons SOx, g/ton of clinker Clinker produced with monitoring of major and minor emissions, % Local impacts Active quarry sites with biodiversity issues 3 Active quarry sites with biodiversity management plans4, % Sites with community engagement plans, % Sites with quarry rehabilitation plans, % Health & Safety Employee fatalities Employee fatality rate Contractor fatalities Third­party fatalities Employee lost time injuries Employee lost time injuries Frequency Rate Employee lost working days Employee lost time injuries Severity Rate Contractor lost time injuries 2007 2008 2009 10.3 milli...
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