36 reporting on social and environmental issues

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Unformatted text preview: s increased understanding and initiated improvements in different ways, among else, the following: > Changes in the content of the annual CSR and Sustainability Report, as well as to rele­ vant management systems. > New targets set for water management and quarry rehabilitation in respect to biodi­ versity. For example, a new study for more advanced methods to preserve biodiversity through quarry rehabilitation was carried out for the Artimes quarry in Patras, Greece (p. 36). > Reporting on social and environmental issues through internet which is used by a broader audience year by year. A new on­line report­ ing mechanism was launched in FYROM by TITAN providing information about air emis­ sions in real­time. Moreover, new tools de­ veloped to support the presentation of the annual Group CSR and Sustainability Report and allow users to make their own report, compare with previous reports and send feedback and comments directly. > Group CSR management structure & Aligned with the reporting principles of GRI and Global Compact TITAN has developed an on­ going monitoring, self­assessment and report­ ing process to evaluate, review and improve the implementation of integrated local action plans in line with Group social and environm...
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