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Unformatted text preview: received, p. 54­58 The proportion of spending on locally­bases suppliers is approx. 60% (p. 15) p. 19 p. 14­15, 22 p. 14­15 Economic p. 6­7 p. 4, 20­21 Environmental Global Compact Principles 7, 8, 9 EN1 EN2 Disclosure on Management Approach Materials used by weight or volume Percentage of materials used that are recycled input materials p. 10­13, 28, 38­39 p. 3, 14­15, 35 p. 15, 34 DESTINATION: EN3 EN4 EN5 EN6 EN7 EN8 EN9 EN10 EN12 EN13 Direct energy consumption by primary energy source Indirect energy consumption by primary source Energy saved due to conservation and efficiency improvements Initiatives to provide energy­efficient or renewable energy based products and services. Initiatives to reduce indirect energy consumption and reductions achieved Total water withdrawal by source Water sources significantly affected by withdrawal of water Percentage and total volume of water recycled and reused Location and size of land owned, leased, managed in, or adjacent to, protected areas and areas of high biodiversity value Desc...
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