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Unformatted text preview: provements in line with TITAN values, Code of Conduct and priorities at local level. Guarantee a wage that –at a mini­ mum– meets national legal standards and additional benefits responding to the needs of the majority and local priorities. F YROM 28.5% Serbia 20% Apply appropriate disciplinary mea­ sures. US 17.5% Bulgaria 16.6% Albania 7.6% Prohibit harassment or abuse by co­ workers or managers. Greece 7.4% Egypt 3.2% Country exposure to human rights risks Child labor 2009 UN Human Rights Index Prohibit employment of under 18­year old Forced labor Serbia Prohibit any type of forced or bonded labor. Bulgaria US Albania Country US Greece Bulgaria Serbia FYROM Egypt Albania Turkey Condition free free free partially free partially free not free partially free partially free Percentage of TITAN Group employees 33% 28% 6.4% 6.2% 6% 13.6% 2% 4.2% FYROM Greece Egypt Freedom of association Turkey Respect of the right of employees to form and join associations and to bargain collecti...
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