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Unformatted text preview: n other regions. Distribution of training man-hours per country (2009) US 28% Greece 21.5% Albania 18% Egypt 13% Bulgaria 10% F YROM 5% Serbia 4.5% Distribution of training man-hours per subject (2009) Occupational Health and Safety was the topic accounting for 50% of total training hours at Group level. Training courses for indirect employees particu­ larly on safety and technical know how were conducted for more than 1,300 trainees. New training courses have been introduced and organized in Albania in cooperation with specialized local and European organizations to prepare the people recruited to serve the new cement plant of the TITAN Group in the coun­ try. Ηealth and safety 54.5% Τechnical know how 17.3% Management & managerial skills 10.2% Induction 7.7% Non­technical skills 3.0% F oreign languages 2.7% Information technologies 2.6% Environment 1.4% Other 0.6% TITAN America Leadership programs Developing a culture of safety The TITAN America Leadership program (TAL) is focused on values and is designed to help em­ ployees to discover and develop th...
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