5 million working hours are strengthening our commit

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Unformatted text preview: ere recorded in a total of 6.5 million working hours are strengthening our commit­ ment to continuous self­assessment and self­ improvement. As expected the global financial and economic crisis impacted on our business in 2009. Steep declines in demand regrettably led to manpow­ er reductions, which were treated in line with our values and commitments, with a view to minimizing and softening the negative implica­ tions. Every crisis undoubtedly presents threats and entails risks, demanding strong leadership, cor­ rect assessment and effective management, but can also generate positive change, creating new opportunities to be seized and exploited. The current circumstances have done much to hone our management’s leadership skills and to enhance our organization’s capacity for change. Our efforts were recognized by Fortune maga­ zine and Hewitt Associates, which in their 2009 survey, placed TITAN 1st in Europe and 8th in During the year, we continued to make progress against our targets on most fr...
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