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Unformatted text preview: M TITAN’s products contribute to the multiple social values provided by concrete structures, such as safety, durability, economy, resource efficiency and connect­ ing people. At the same time, we realize that our operations have an impact on the environment and on local communities. > M t r or e do ees th pla nat pla an nt ed nt 1,3 in to ed 9 g sin thi by 0,0 ce rd TIT 00 19 par AN 75 tie o sf r or > 13 rie .2 an s h mi no d 6 ave llio t a 6 . be n m ff 2 m en 2 ec i re of te llio ha ac d t by n m 2 bili ive op a tat qua er re ed r­ at sti io ll ns > 2 (w 9.6 em > act t ba illio 97 ive si n to of .1 q s) ac mi uar extr ns 17 t l op .7 ive lion ries acte of ra er mi qu m dw at lli a fro m ion on rri 2is m at es th s 42 er m 2 ,o e ia ar ut to ls e a of ta la f fe w ct hic rea ed h by 14 Understanding our Footprint We are strongly committed to mitigate and reduce these impacts by “Doing Less Harm” and to pursue business goals in a socially responsible manner, contributing to the well­...
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