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Unformatted text preview: se of TITAN in Albania. Aligned with this em­ ployment policy is the effort undertaken for hiring new engineers to operate the new kiln in Beni Suef, Egypt. The hiring process was prolonged to provide opportunities for more than 100 local candidates to participate in the process. Participation of women in total em­ ployment at Group level reached 13%, in 2009, slightly increased from previous years. Turnover and absenteeism Responsible employment restructuring Employee turnover has increased compared to 2008 due to reductions in employment as presented in the relevant table. TITAN follows a policy of long­term stability, the 2009 em­ ployee turnover ratio differs significantly from country to country for example in Bulgaria was 29.63% in 2009 while in Serbia 2.04%. In FY­ ROM, employee turnover ratio with retirements was 34.83%. No significant changes have been reported in the rate of absenteeism compared to 2008. A total of approximately 1,000 work­ ing days were lost due to accidents, while an­ other 38 working days were lost in Usje, FYROM due to a 2 hours stoppage of operations. The economic crisis has strongly affected all TI­ TAN operations apart from Egypt. While trying to find effective solutions which would ensure the sustainability of the majority of jobs and safeguard the social well fare of all involved inevitably there are job loses whi...
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