7 serbia 169 f yrom 163 us 137 greece 129 albania 99

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Unformatted text preview: ch were ad­ dressed within the framework of legal provi­ sions and TITAN’s CSR practices for respon­ sible restructuring. TITAN has demonstrated its responsibility by trying to take special care of employees, either by equipping them to deal with new demands or by ensuring a transparent and fair process when staff reductions become unavoidable. Reductions in employment were carried out as follows: Percentage of women in employment (2009) > No planned overtime work > No new hirings and no replacements for em­ ployees who have retired > Voluntary early leave plans for those close to retirement > Programs to support self­employment and cooperation on a contract basis > Additional social support and compensation beyond legal obligations Bulgaria 28.7% Serbia 16.9% F YROM 16.3% US 13.7% Greece 12.9% Albania 9.9% Egypt 2.9% More than 60% of total employment reduc­ tions at Group lever were made through retire­ ment and voluntary early­leave plans. Direct Employment (end of year) 2008 2009 Change % Greece 1,767 1,677 ­5 US 2,260 1,942 ­13 Bulgaria 472 365 ­22.6 Serbia 383 372 ­2.8 FYROM 509 356 ­30 Egypt 807 819 2.3 Albania 46 119 158 Turkey 261 253 ­3 TOTAL 6,505 5,903 ­9.2 Employee compensation and welfare programs In all countries where the TITAN Group ope­...
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