A 22a halkidos str 111 43 athens greece tel 30 210

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Unformatted text preview: ng organization: TITAN CEMENT COMPANY S.A. 22A Halkidos Str., 111 43 Athens, Greece, Tel.: +30 210 2591 111, e­mail: [email protected], www.titan­cement.com E t en C nv Re lima iron W du te m Re ate cin cha en Qu du r c g e ng tal ar ce ons mi e a Fo rie – u ss n o s m Re mp ion d s tp an use tion s an ust rin ag – d ain t em Re im ab 2 pa le 8 en cyc ct de t a le on vel nd (3R th opm bio ) ee e div nv nt er iro sit nm y Values Ethical business practices Transparency Open communication INTEGRITY Anticipation of customer needs Innovative solutions High quality of products and services VALUE TO CUSTOMER CONTINUOUS SELF-IMPROVEMENT Learning Organization Willingness to change Rise to challenges KNOW-HOW Enhancement of our knowledge base Proficiency in every function Excellence in core competencies DELIVERING RESULTS Shareholder value Clear objectives High standards CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY Safety first Sustainable development Stakeholder engagement S rs ss og re Pr Re vie w 38 on nd sa re su lo isc ID GR In ca t di or s 45 R Re epo Au po rt dit rt s As or tru se ’s c ss re tu m po re e rt an nt d an md et ho Ve do ri log fic y ati SI /C SD BC W 40 S oc Em afet ial H p y a Fo Tra um loym t w otp E in an e or ri Re nga ing righ nt k nt co gem an ts 18 gn e d an iti nt hu d on w m eq an ith an ua d em res l o aw p o pp ar loy urc or ds ee es tu s a de nit nd ve ies ke lopm ys e ta nt ke ho lde 6 Message from the Managing Director It is our firm belief that Corporate So...
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