A fiveyear comparison of perfor mance is provided for

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Unformatted text preview: d Sustainability Report is based on the outcomes of CSR and Sustaina­ bility workshops implemented with the parti­ cipation of relevant representatives from each of the business units and corporate functions as well as from other stakeholder engagement activities. This process has been incorporated in the TITAN Group risk management policy and the scope of the assessment covers every year a representative sample of TITAN operations world wide. For the environmental data particularly all performance indicators measuring emissions from cement plants are calculated in line with the CSI reporting principles, that is 100% emis­ sions from cement plants for which TITAN has the majority share and the emissions of joint ventures or partnerships according to equity basis. For the safety data TITAN reports 100% for all activities it has operational control, in­ cluding Turkey. All other environmental and social performance indicators have been defined and calculated in accordance to the GRI G3 Sustainability Re­ porting Guidelines and the U.N. Global Compact Communication on Progress requirements. Assurance of the accuracy, completeness and relevance of the report was commissioned to external third parties, so as...
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