A new initiative called family green day was adopted

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Unformatted text preview: gs in total. Safety management and performance have continuously improved through the joint site inspections and by our joint efforts the construction project was completed successfully. On behalf of the CBMI safety management team, I extend my appreciation to all TITAN members for their guidance and support. [....] We have achieved our safety target for 2009. [....] The ANTEA project is considered and appraised as the advanced project on safety management for 2009. Congratulations! Although we have achieved significant progress in 2009, there is always room for improvement. We will do our best to learn from this advanced experience which we shared with TITAN in the ANTEA project to enhance CBMI rules and standards and improve further. [....]“ Shi Wenlong, Executive Deputy General Manager, CBMI Construction Company 23 24 “Together for children” “Together for the nature” Promoting voluntarism New tree planting initiatives Praising voluntarism and co­operation among NGOs was the main objective of a different project undertaken by TITAN in Greece, in 2009. A new initiative called “Family Green Day...
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