A parent company of titan group embarking on the un

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Unformatted text preview: with GRI principles (G3), whereby TITAN was awarded an Α+ assurance level rating > Launching of a special CSR campaign throughout Greece to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of TITAN Cement S.A., parent company of TITAN Group > Embarking on the UN Global Compact and WBCSD joint Climate for Change Initia­ tive > Joining the U.N. Global Compact Initiative > Organization of the First National Stake­ holders’ Forum, with the participation of employees, suppliers, shareholders, cus­ tomers, mayors of neighboring munici­ palities, non­governmental organizations, media and academics 2003 > Participation as a core member in the World Business Council for Sustainable Development and its Cement Sustainabilit y Initiative > Publication of TITAN’s 1st Group CSR and Sustainability Report in line with GRI pri­ nciples 2004 > 1st publication of TITAN’s Values and Code of Conduct in all languages of Group em­ ployees > Participation as core member in CSR Eu­ rope 2008 > Independent assessment and report veri­ fication extended to Southeast European operations > Participation in the establishment of na­ tional Global Compact Networks in Greece and in FYROM as well as in the foundation of the Greek Business Council for Sustai­ nable Development 2009 > Launching of new joint effort in collabora­ tion with the UN World Food Program, in Egypt titled “Feed Minds, Change Lives” > Opening of new on­line web­based emis­ sions report in T...
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