Accordingly the management teams are comprised of

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Unformatted text preview: rates, wages and employee welfare programs meet as a minimum the provisions of labor law and collective agreements. Employee compen­ sation beyond legal provisions is based on indi­ vidual performance conducted through annual performance appraisals. Additional short and long­term benefits include among else: > Health and medical expenses and support > Employee aid programs supporting children’s education, loans, productivity bonus and ad­ ditional overtime­work compensation, > Free transportation > Recreational activities and social support by experts DESTINATION: Human Rights and Equal Opportunities Social Footprint our notes A s a multiregional and multicultural Group of Companies, TITAN, considers local leadership as a significant parameter for running successfully local operations. Accordingly, the management teams are comprised of managers from the re­ spective region to a level of 98%. TITAN was among the first 500 companies world wide to support the UN Global Compact Initiative ex­ pressing its commitment to the UN Universal Declaration on Human Rights (UNDHR) and ILO Conventions directly related to the Global...
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