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Unformatted text preview: ng to Titan’s management approach and achievements; > Reliability of performance data presented in the Environmental and Social Footprint sec­ tions of the Report, and associated asser­ tions. This assurance engagement included an as­ sessment of the quality of data, information and assertions made in the Report. It did not include a detailed assessment of the adequacy, effectiveness or efficiency of Titan’s strategy or management of CSR and Sustainability issues. It also excluded an assessment of CSR and Sus­ tainability management, performance and re­ porting practices by Titan’s suppliers and other third parties mentioned in the Report. Statement of Independence DNV states its independence and impartiality with regards to this assurance engagement. In 2009, DNV did not work with Titan or any of its stakeholders on any engagements which could compromise the independence or impartiality of our findings, conclusions or recommenda­ tions. Moreover, DNV was not involved in the preparation of any text or data provided in the Report, with the exception of this Assurance Statement and the detailed Assurance State­ ment for CO2 and H&S provided online. Approac...
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