An indicative example of this practice is the

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Unformatted text preview: plan to implement in the near term, 3R practices. Wherever possible, materials are recycled onsite at Group facilities. At Group concrete production facilities in the US, returned concrete is used to produce cement blocks or is ground and used as paving or replacing other construction material. Consumption οf raw materials million t (dry) The reduction, reuse and recycling of raw ma­ terials, energy and waste constitute a primary element in the implementation of the Group’s environmental policy both at the tactical and the strategic levels. 25.0 Materials Consumption οf alternative raw materials million t (dry) In today’s environmentally conscious global community, the reduction, reuse and recy­ cling of raw materials, energy and waste are the cornerstone of any industrial activity. The constantly growing requirements of sustainable development have lead all sectors of industry, and the cement industry in particular, to act immediately and intelligently. Consumption of raw materials and percentage of alternative raw materials used in clinker and cement production1 DESTINATION: Raw materials management for minimizing “waste” – Synergies between Xirorema and Malakasa qua...
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