Co2 emissions before 2008 do not include emissions

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Unformatted text preview: n the equity held by the TITAN Group (in cement production and grinding plants) in 2009, CO2 emissions were recalculated for the period 1990­2008. The specific Group emissions were 672.6kg CO2/t product, based on equity held in 2009. In the context of the Group’s continuing efforts to improve its performance and taking into account the new acquisitions, equity changes and the operation of new kiln lines in 2009, a revised target of 628kg CO2/t product was set for 2015. Considering that the target was initially set in 2006 and calculated on the basis of equity held by the TITAN Group then, we exceeded this target by reaching the level of 676.5kg CO2/t product calculated with the Group equity of the year that the target was set. The new target corresponds to a reduction of our CO2 emissions by 22% compared to 1990 and it is also 5% below the projected for 2015 CO2 emissions by WBCSD in the Roadmap to 2050. TITAN Group cement plants Total gross direct CO2 emissions1,2,3 TITAN Group cement plants Speci...
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