Carbon dioxide emissions from cement pro duction

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Unformatted text preview: rting system has been impleme­ Reducing emissions and impact on the environment nted by all Business Units ensures a structured approach to collect and consolidate informa­ tion, assess the impact of our operations and set targets to improve our performance. Cement plants and associated quarry envi­ ronmental performance reviews will be carried out periodically by a recently developed Envi­ ronmental Audit Toolkit enabling a systematic approach and appropriate methodology to ad­ dress these challenges in structured and pra­ ctical manner. Reducing our environmental footprint is both a challenge and an opportunity reflected in the revised environmental targets for 2010­2015 (p. 13, 31, 33) aiming at mitigating and reduc­ ing the impacts of operations on the environ­ ment by ”Doing Less Harm” while improving use of alternative raw material and fuels fostering win­win solutions. Facing the challenge of climate change Climate moved to the top of the world agenda in 2009, which culminated in the UN Climate Change Conference (COP15) in Copenhagen in December. In...
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