Carolina 5 fly ash processing unit mississippi

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Unformatted text preview: 1 Greece W. Virginia USA FYRoM Cement Plant Distribution Terminal S. Carolina 5 Fly Ash Processing Unit Mississippi Aggregates Plant Florida 2 Ready Mix Plant 9 40 Grey Block Plant 2 cement plants > 135 ready mix concrete facilities > 42 quarries* > 9 concrete block plants > 9 fly-ash processing units Non-financial performance 2009 2008 Direct employment 5,903 6,504 Average Training man­hours per employee 20.4 23.5 > 3.9 million m3 of ready mix concrete From: > 13 Egypt Grinding Plant Employee lost time injuries frequency rate 2.64 3.42 > 15.3 million of aggregates Direct CO2 emissions (kg/t product) 673 685 Environmental investments (m. €) 22.5 27 Produced: >1 dry mortar plant > Cement distribution terminals * Cement and aggregates quarries included > 15.9 million tons of cement and cementitious materials tons th e ta nd in g fr om rs Un de sa ge es M ou r t 14 or ct re Di in tp r Fo o g ag in an M 6 G in lit ab i y Re po rt 2 ΤI ov CS TAN ern Fo R C an In cus Ma SR ce TIT teg ing nag and fo AN rat o em S r S Gr ing n se en usta us ou co lf­ t a in ta p rp as nd ab ina Pe or se d ilit b rfo ate ss ev y ili rm so me elo Jou ty an cia nt pm rn 8 ce l r an en ey : 5 es d s t ­y po el ea ns f­i r p ib m lan ility pro 20 in vem 06 de en ­2 ve t 01 lop 0 in an g d pro ne je w ct ta s rg et s A TIT bou AN t Gr 20 ou 09 p Ov CS er R vie an wd 20 Su 09 st a i Information Path [Contents] Reporti...
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