Cement plants and associated quarry envi ronmental

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Unformatted text preview: nmental policy evidenced by our active membership in the Cement Sustainability Initia­ tive of the World Business Council for Sustaina­ ble Development (CSI/WBCSD). We acknowledge that our business activities have an impact on the environment since ce­ ment manufacture is a resource and energy intensive industry. This impact is the “envi­ ronmental footprint” of our activities in terms of depletable raw materials and other non­re­ newable resources used to make our products and the quantity of wastes and emissions to air, water and land that are generated in the pro­ cess. For our cement production facilities we have identified the sources of impact and the associ­ ated indicators to measure them in the follow­ ing areas: > Raw materials consumption > Heat and electrical energy consumption > Water consumption > Air emissions (CO2, dust, NOx and SOx) > Waste To ensure transparency and alignment with our peers in the cement industry the perfo­ rmance indicators used are those proposed by the WBCSD/CSI and conform with the GRI/G3 reporting principles. A Group repo...
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