Considering that the target was initially set in 2006

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Unformatted text preview: duct of the chemical reaction between carbon (C) and oxygen (Ο2) Indirect emissions of carbon dioxide are re­ leased during the production of the electricity required for the production of clinker and ce­ ment. The ΤΙΤΑΝ Group is reporting total direct CO2 emissions related to its activities every year since 2003. In 2009 total direct CO2 emissions from TITAN cement and grinding plants were 8.7 million tons. In 2009 reported emissions include emis­ sions from on­site vehicle and mobile equip­ ment are included. Transportation of raw materials and prod­ ucts, and even personnel contributes to CO2 and other emissions generated by fossil fuels. A study measuring energy performance of TI­ TAN’s main offices in Athens and identifying areas for improvement was conducted in co­ operation with University of Athens to further reduce indirect impacts. DESTINATION: Environmental Footprint > Energy Consumption “ We have to measure it – to manage it” To take into account the changes i...
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