During the last two years we further increased and

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Unformatted text preview: ration with local NGOs and TITAN employees who participate as volunteers in delivering goods to the families involved. An innovative approach was followed so as to “adopt” 2,019 children and their fami­ lies in the region. The “adoption” program gives incentives to keep children at school and receive an education instead of leaving Group donations per country Greece 41.5% F YROM 3.0% Serbia 35.0% Bulgaria 3.0% Egypt 9.3% Albania 0.7% US 7.0% Turkey 0.5% Distribution of goods in Beni Suef, Egypt in the framework of “Feed Minds, Change Lives“ program DESTINATION: Customers and suppliers Investors The TITAN Group has a policy to serve the needs of customers and be proactively responsive in their expectations. We consider that the de­ mand for new products with a longer and less carbon intensive life­cycle will be more impor­ tant in the future and we invest more in re­ search and development seeking solutions that can be customized to local needs and be better in terms of their environmental impacts. During the last two years we further increased and more systematically interacted with so­ cially responsible investo...
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