Environmental footprint titan americas roanoke cement

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Unformatted text preview: case of Artimes although in the meantime two wild fires partly destroyed the trees within the restored quarry areas. TITAN took a step further in 2009, for recording the inventory and investigat­ ing the value of biodiversity, inside the quarry limits and in the surrounding areas. The study was conducted in cooperation with the University of Patras, with the target to better understand and quantify the different types of biodiversity, focus­ ing on the achieved progress of growth of flora within the depleted and rehabilitated quarry areas. The study provided recom­ mendations for alternative practices and selection of species, so as to improve the end­result and preserve the value of bio­ diversity in the site. DESTINATION: > TITAN America’s Award for Gopher Tortoise Habitat TITAN America Biodiversity Program in Roanoke TITAN America’s Roanoke Cement Company launched a new partnership with Trout Un­ limited, a national organization dedicated to conserve, protect and resto...
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