Equally important is the permanent alertness needed

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Unformatted text preview: fety direc­ tors and safety officers at every major Group site provide support to the line management on occupational health and safety matters. Training at all hierarchical levels of the Group, for direct and indirect employees is essential to ensure a safe accident­free working envi­ ronment. This commitment is reflected in last year’s safety training record 66,900 hours or 12 hours/direct employee versus 58,400 hours or 10.2 hours/direct employees in 2008, an in­ crease of 18%. Incident investigations underscore the vital im­ portance of leadership commitment to safety, leading by example, and the need for exhaus­ tive and rigorous risk assessment of non rou­ tine tasks. Equally important is the permanent alertness needed to prevent accidents. Efforts to report and investigate incidents that might have led to a lost­time injury (near miss­ es) have been intensified while necessary cor­ rective actions are taken for each case. The 600 near misses reported for our activities across a...
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