Following titans participation in the un glob al

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Unformatted text preview: ibition’s open­ ing: “Voluntary action must come from the heart. It is more than a charitable gesture; it is a demonstration of genuine social con­ science. When we choose to express our love for our fellow men through voluntary action, we are nourishing our own souls”. Some 270 people planted 1,000 trees, in­ cluding acacia, juniper, white ash and pine trees. On the green area close to the planting site, a party for employees’ children and grand­ children was organized and at the end of the event an illustrated book dealing with the protection of the environment was dis­ tributed to all. Aligned with UN Global Compact For TITAN the Global Compact pledge is an op­ portunity, offering a common ground and help­ ing individuals ­within the sphere of the com­ pany’s influence­ to learn, understand, share a common vision and commit to common actions for self­improvement. This is an evolution fos­ tering changes at all levels. The TITAN Group early committed to the “branching out and adding value” approach. It focuses on efforts to create “communities of practice” that can share experience and know how, work together and initiate further action. Following TITAN’s particip...
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