Fugitive dust is also created from transportation of

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Unformatted text preview: ectrical energy Calculation based on the equity held by the TITAN Group in each specific year 2009 106 104 Specific electrical energy consumption (KWh/t cement) All electrical energy used by TITAN for its pro­ duction is provided by energy suppliers. In 2009 total electrical energy consumption was 1,610GWh from which 1,505GWh (5,415TJ) was consumed by the Group’s cement plants. As in the case of thermal energy consumption, the observed decrease of almost 9% –compared to the previous year– was the result of a decrease in the volume of our production due to market conditions, equity changes in Egypt and Turkey and improvements in the operating efficiency of our plants’ equipment. Average specific con­ sumption was 108kWh/ton cement, a decrease of 5.6% compared to 2008. TITAN Group cement production plants, cement grinding plants and attached quarries Electrical energy consumption for clinker and cement production1 Total electrical energy consumption (TJ) Electrical energy Environmental Footprint 2015 target: 628kg CO2/t product which is also 5% below the projected for 2015 CO2 emis­ sions b...
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