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Unformatted text preview: plication level of A+ de­ clared by Titan. Regarding the alignment of reported informa­ tion with the WBCSD­CSI guidelines and other relevant standards mentioned above, DNV con­ cludes that, based on the work undertaken, the information provided is reliable and: > CO2 ­ Boundary setting (at Group and Site levels) meets the mandatory requirements of the relevant performance measurement and reporting standards and guidelines. Testing of the reporting systems currently in place dem­ onstrated a robust and well managed process for collection, management and reporting of CO2 performance data at Group level and in the countries and sites visited; > H&S ­ Robust corporate procedures and guidelines for H&S data collection, manage­ ment and reporting exist at Group level. These are aligned with the principles and fulfil the requirements of relevant measurement and reporting guidelines. Corporate procedures and guidelines are generally well known and implemented in the countries and sites vis­ ited. Further conclusions and observations on the adoption of reporting principles and specified performance information are made below. Inclusivity and Responsiveness > Titan has adopted a structured approach to stakeholder consultation and engagement, described in detail in t...
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