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Unformatted text preview: orts. The comments regarding our efforts to increase transparency and accountability through reporting are for­ warded to the Group CSR Committee and used for continuous self­improvement. Mapping of CSR and Sustainability issues (2007-2009) Key Issues and Priorities Community Relations Emissions Working Conditions Use of Natural Resources Bribery and corruption Product Safety Business Ethics Marketplace Climate Change Recruitment and Retention Diversity Ecosystem and Biodiversity Human Rights Greece Bulgaria Serbia FYROM Egypt Region Industry Level of significance and relevance for TITAN business and/or stakeholders high For more information please contact: Maria Alexiou, TITAN Group CSR Manager, Secre­ tary of the TITAN Group CSR Committee, at [email protected], 22a Halkidos str., 111 43 Athens, Greece. Web site: www.titan.gr medium low DESTINATION: > Definition of “materiality” Report on a minimum of 10 Performance Indicators, including at least one from each of: social, economic, and environment. *Sector supplement in final version B+ A A+ Same as requirement for level B 1.2 3.9, 3.13 Report Externally Assured 1.1 2.1 – 2...
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