In 2009 internal audits covered approxi mately 50 of

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Unformatted text preview: year, the reported water consumption was reduced by 20%. In 2009 total expenditures related to the im­ plementation of the Group’s environmental policy came to €22.5 million. This amount in­ cludes investments of €3.5 million, represent­ ing about 15.5% of total costs for environmen­ tally friendly technologies such as improving or substituting filters, SNCR systems, etc. An­ other €14.4 million or 64.2% of total costs was spent on environmental management, such as operating servicing and calibrating measuring equipment, handling of CKD, minimizing fugi­ tive dust through water spraying, operating SNCR systems etc while €4.6 million covered other environment related expenses including €3 million or about 13.5% for waste manage­ ment, €1.1 million or about 4.7% for reforesta­ tion, €0.4 million or about 1.8% for rehabilita­ tion and €0.1 million or about 0.3% for training and awareness building. Specific water consumption (lt/t cement) TITAN Group cement plants Water consu...
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