In october 2008 in an effort to further enhance

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Unformatted text preview: mmunities, customers, suppliers, shareholders, non­governmental organizations and public authorities. In October 2008, in an effort to further enhance communication as a systematic, two­way pro­ cess, involving cooperation and proactive en­ gagement with all stakeholders, TITAN orga­ nized the 1st Stakeholders’ Forum in Greece. This initiative was not only an innovation for both TITAN and Greece, but proved to be an extremely valuable exercise on self­assessment and self­improvement. Among else, the more extended analysis and presentation of social and environmental footprints were adopted in line with stakeholders’ proposals, so as to en­ hance better understanding and learning from progress achieved in all fronts. Based on the very positive feedback of this national initia­ tive, stakeholder engagement will be extended to local communities in Greece branching out to other regions the know how and experience gained. A decade of commitment to action is outlined in this section. As we move into the next de­ cade, continuous learning and self­improve­ ment, listening to and communicating with our stakeholders, accountability and transparency in our policies, decisions and perfor...
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