In addition titan uses this waste from xirorema as a

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Unformatted text preview: rries Minimizing waste from the production of raw materials, as well as prolonging the life cycle of strategic quarry reserves have initiated new types of synergies and man­ agement of TITAN aggregates’ quarries. An indicative example of this practice is the synergies built between two TITAN quarries, Xirorema and Malakasa, located in Attica region, Greece, in a distance of 55 Km from each other. The main idea of this effort undertaken by TITAN in Greece is to utilize as much as possible the surplus of annually produced quantities of “reddish” limestone from the Xirorema quarry (west Attica), unlikely to be sold in the local market of ready­mix pro­ ducers. By shipping the annual surplus amount to a few hundred thousands of tons of red or pink­color product of Xirorema limestone –but otherwise fully suitable as aggregates, according to properties’ specs– to Malaka­ sa, TITAN avoids stockpiling this material as potential “waste” and occupying much needed space. Μaterials consumed - Industrial waste1 Otherwise stockpiling will restrict the ratio­ nal development of acti...
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