Inclusivity and responsiveness titan has adopted a

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Unformatted text preview: d and managed at different levels in the organisation. DNV’s assessment also included: high­level trend analysis, the identification and analysis of causes behind significant changes in perfor­ mance, compared to 2008, a review of data traceability, and record checks at different stages in data flows from source to Group level; > Challenged data, assertions and claims made in the Report and reviewed supporting infor­ mation; > Reviewed a selection of internal communica­ tions, external stakeholder engagement plans and reports, and external media reports re­ lating to TITAN’s CSR and Sustainability man­ agement and performance. Conclusions In DNV’s opinion, based on the work carried out, the Report provides a reliable and fair rep­ resentation of Titan’s CSR and Sustainability­ related policies, objectives, initiatives, practices and performance in 2009. DNV also believes that the Report generally meets the content and quality requirements of CSI, Global Com­ pact, GRI (2006) and AA1000AS (2008) and AA1000APS (2008) and fulfils the requirements for the GRI (2006) ap...
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