It helps supervisors take the ini tiative in

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Unformatted text preview: eir leadership capability starting from leading themselves to leading others and, finally, leading the busi­ ness. The program’s content aims at providing participants with a common “language” of communication, a shared response to external conditions, and the opportunity to discuss how TITAN operates or should operate. The fact that this program is exclusively delivered by Com­ pany executives that are the Company values ambassadors makes it unique. It is an inspiring workshop that addresses Company values in action; thus contributing to their incorporation in every day work. Within the context of disseminating our safety culture, a Safety Leadership program for super­ visors was held in Bulgaria during the 3rd quar­ ter of 2009. This program, delivered by external consultant, operationally commenced in July ’08 and is expected to continue until 2nd quar­ ter of 2010. It helps supervisors take the ini­ tiative in overseeing safety in their areas, make safety a joint effort and shared responsibility with employees and ensure the safe conduct of all operations. Participan...
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