It rates companies on four domains strategic intent

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Unformatted text preview: ultancy “CSR network” and the international think tank “AccountAbility”. It was first applied in 2004. The results of evaluations are published in “Fortune” magazine. The Rating draws on information companies put into their public reporting, as well as on their actual social and environmental performance. It rates companies on four “domains”: strategic intent, governance and management, engagement and operational performance. www.accountabilityrating.com 9 10 Governance for Sustainability The role and scope of the TITAN Group CSR Committee established in 2005 was revised in 2009. The main mission of the enlarged Group CSR Committee, chaired by the Manag­ ing Director of the Group, with the three re­ gional Business Directors and Group function Directors as members, is to be the custodian of the implementation of the Group CSR vision and policy. TITAN’s CSR vision is to “conduct its business in an ethical and socially responsible manner doing less harm and endeavor...
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