Journalist visiting kamari plant greece 2009

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Unformatted text preview: mance, and external assurance will be the framework for pursuing TITAN’s corporate social responsibility and sustainability goals. Journalist visiting Kamari plant, Greece, 2009 Governance for Sustainability DESTINATION: Milestones of the TITAN Group CSR initiatives and activities 2000 > Formulation of Group strategic objectives and publication of corporate values di­ rectly related to Corporate Social Respon­ sibility and Sustainable Development > Participation in the establishment of Hel­ lenic CSR Network > Launching in Greece of “FAOS”, a local partnership initiative focused on accident prevention at schools 2001 > Cooperation with other cement industries for the implementation of the Battelle Study, which led to the establishment of the World Business Council for Sustaina­ ble Development / Cement Sustainability Initiative (WBCSD/CSI) 2002 > Adoption of the “branching out and add­ ing value” approach in line with the Global Compact to encourage partnership building and mainstreaming CSR within TITAN’s sphere of influence 2006 > L aunching of Group’s 5 year plan with environmental and social targets > Participation in the European Commis­ sion’s initiative titled “European Business Alliance for CSR” with a leading role in the European Workshop for the promotion of CSR in the supply chain 2007 > First independent assessment and report verification in line...
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