La13 composition of governance bodies and breakdown

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Unformatted text preview: and they are either reclaimed (i.e. pallets) during delivery or reused and recycled by custom­ ers (bags) No significant fines or other type of sanctions for non­compliance with environmental laws and regulations have been recorded p. 15, 33 Social: Labour Practices and Decent Work / Global Compact Principles 3,6 Disclosure on Management Approach Total workforce by employment type, employment contract, and region Total number and rate of employee turnover by age group, gender, and region p. 6, 10­12, 16­22 Table presenting direct employment changes per country on p. 18 p. 18 LA3 Benefits provided to full­time employees that are not provided to temporary or part­time employees, by major operations No differences between wages in different contract types. Direct employees have their contracts regulated according to national legal provisions and additional benefits ac­ cording to their hierarchical level, position and individual performance LA4 Percentage of employees covered by collective bargaining agreements 100% of Group employees are covered by collective bargaining agreements in countries where provided by national legislation. LA5 Minimum notice period(s) regarding significant operational changes, including whether it is specified in collective agreements In accordance with E.U. standards and/or national legislation LA1 LA2 47 48 LA6 Percentage of total workforce represented in formal joint management­worker health and safety committees that help monitor and a...
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