Longterm training programs like career pre heater and

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Unformatted text preview: vely. 19 20 Training and Human Resources Development Developing our human resources and leader­ ship skills is an essential priority for TITAN’s successful business performance and sustaina­ ble development. In 2009 particular emphasis was given to con­ trol training expenditure without compromis­ ing the quality and the scope of training by implementing more training hours with internal trainers. The average number of training man­ hours per employee lowered to 20.4 compared to 23.5 in 2008 and the total cost of training was approximately €1,150 million, an average of €195 per employee. In the different regions TITAN operates diverse conditions and training needs are faced. Never­ theless people development, upgrading multi discipline skills and competencies at all hiera­ rchical levels are a common task for all Group operations. Long­term training programs like “Career Pre­ heater” and TITAN mBA launched initially in Greece have continued and are gradually ex­ panded i...
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