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Unformatted text preview: ed States; > The extent to which Group, Regional and Country­level policies, practices and proce­ dures are known, understood and implement­ ed at the following sites: Alexandria (Egypt), Antea construction project (Albania), Beni Suef (Egypt) and Roanoke (United States); > Processes for defining the boundary, focus and content of the Report; > Processes and tools for collecting, analysing, aggregating and reporting quantitative and qualitative data in the Report; > Adherence to WBCSD­CSI measurement and reporting guidelines for CO2 and H&S; > Reliability of CO2 and H&S performance data for 2009, presented in the WBCSD/CSI table on page 39 of this Report, and associated as­ sertions in the relevant sections of the Re­ port; > Adherence to the principles set out in the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Sustainabil­ ity Reporting Guidelines (2006), as well as the application level declared by TITAN; > Adherence to the principles of Materiality, Inclusivity and Responsiveness established in AA1000 APS (2008); > Reliability of information relati...
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