Reports are discussed during csr and sustainability

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Unformatted text preview: Conduct guidelines un­ der which TITAN operates, sets forth the obliga­ tion to abstain from any action that could be interpreted as an act of bribery, corruption or fraud. The Transparency International‘s annual Corruption Perception Index (www.transparencyinternational.org) is the main tool used to as­ sess exposure of TITAN operations to the risk of bribery and corruption. Reports are discussed during CSR and Sustainability workshops fo­ cusing on practices to anticipate relevant is­ sues. CSR management and development Managing risks and opportunities The TITAN Group has a firm policy for managing both financial and non­financial risks so as to strengthen its capacity to respond proactively and mitigate them. The Group CSR Committee has the responsibility to direct all efforts fo­ cused on identification and assessment of the so called non­financial risks and relevant op­ portunities. To meet this aim, the Committee consolidates and evaluates: > The annual independent assessment and veri­ fication report provided by the auditors > The outcomes of CSR and Sustainability workshops > The outcomes of stakeholders’ forums and other feedback received from key stakeh...
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