Similarly we continued to enhance our envi ronmental

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Unformatted text preview: onts, yet need to improve our social footprint. Similarly, we continued to enhance our envi­ ronmental performance, improving energy ef­ ficiency and reducing our CO2 and other emis­ sions, in many cases reaching “best­in­class” performance in our industry. Moreover, new partnerships addressing local is­ sues have been adopted, such as the joint effort with the UN World Food Program to support better nutrition and education for more than 2,000 children in Egypt’s Beni Suef area, south of Cairo, as well as motivate families to keep children at school. We are measuring our social and environmen­ tal footprint at all locations where the Group operates, taking mitigating action, evaluating what has been achieved so far and setting new targets for 2015, as laid out in the Group per­ formance 5 year plan. Continuous learning and self­improvement; listening to and communicating with our stake­ holders; transparency and accountability in our policies, decisions and performance will continue to guide our CSR actions in the future. We acknowledge the importance of external assurance in promoting credible accountabili...
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