Site surveys were conducted to determine locations

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Unformatted text preview: ompany has ad­ opted this annual ritual to ensure the area is kept pristine. Further, TITAN has committed to provide funding for a grassroots program to raise awareness on preserving valuable watershed resources. The Trout Unlimited “Trout In the Classroom” program allows middle to high school students observe trout grow in an aquarium setting in their classrooms. Start­ ing in September and continuing through April, the students bear the responsibility of “baby­sitting” or providing the vulnerable fish with everything they need to live. The students raise the trout from eggs to fin­ gerlings, monitoring water tank quality and engaging in a stream habitat study, while realizing the goals of appreciating water resources, fostering a conservation ethic and understanding ecosystem connectiv­ ity. The mature fish are then released back into nature in the spring, a perfect adjunct to TITAN’s clean water efforts. Three local schools completed the program in 2009, and 16 schools are targeted for 2010. In May 2009, TITAN America’s Center Sand Mine, located in Clermont, Florida, received a First Place “Pride of Mine” Award from the Florida Limerock & Aggregate Industry (FLAI) to honor a recently...
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