Social footprint safety pass a new initiative whereby

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Unformatted text preview: Suef, Egypt started in January 2008. The project was completed on time and the new line started production in the fourth quarter of 2009. It is remarkable that a to­ tal of 6.5 million working hours were ac­ complished without Lost­Time Injury. 300 250 > Improving contractors’ crew safety management Construction of a new production line in Beni Suef, Egypt During construction the main challenge was the implementation of high safety standards by all parties involved while the cement plant continued to operate. 325 2009 > An effective TITAN safety organization ensuring continuous monitoring and maintaining direct control of high risk activity permits, safety meetings, safety rewards and consequences. Social Footprint Safety Pass, a new initiative whereby all the employees of a contractor are issued with a card entry (ID card) was successfully piloted and instituted in 2009 for all cement plants in Greece. This ID certifies that the employee holding the card possesses all the necessary documents and required professional licences, and has completed a full saf...
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