Titan egypt on the way to a learning organization

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Unformatted text preview: ts learned practical techniques in preventing incidents and specific measures a supervisor can take to enhance safety performance. Moreover, TITAN America builds and develops new talent through its Management Develop­ ment Candidate program. The program is based on the concept of exposing individuals to every part of the business in the hope that they will find the area that both suits the individual and the company, while gaining an overall idea of how the company functions. In 2009 another training program for employ­ ees in the concrete ready­mix business was ap­ plied, so as to offer them ”a pathway” to entry levels of various available supervisory positions. Extensive class room training programs focus on the skills that are important for a new su­ pervisor. The very best candidates are identified through hands on training and offered an entry level management position when available. TITAN Egypt on the way to a learning organization With a view to building a learning organization, TITAN Egypt (TCE) launched an internal training program with trainers from the Group’s indus­ trial, HR and IT functions. A visioning workshop for the TCE internal trainers was organized first in Alexandria. It...
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