Titan group performance according to its 5 year plan

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Unformatted text preview: are addressed in starting new operations. TITAN Group performance according to its 5 year plan (2006­2010), achievements and new targets set for 2010­2015 are also presented in this chap­ ter. Measuring TITAN’s social and environmental footprints starts with mapping main opera­ tions, impacts and contributions to key stake­ holders. As in the 2008 Report, all efforts to do less harm and more good with respect to key stakeholders are presented in the chapter titled “Social Footprint”. This chapter begins with “Safety at work” which remains a top pri­ ority for the TITAN Group and all its operations. It also includes information about employment and facing the impacts of the economic crisis, training and human resources development, employee communication and human rights is­ sues. Moreover new partnerships with commu­ nities, business associations and CSR networks, as well as recognition from stakeholders is pre­ sented in this section. Although in certain areas, like safety at work and training, specific performance indicators are accepted in order to facilitate target set­ ting and monitoring progress in other areas, like employee commitmen...
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